Back In Time : Fashion of The 1920’s

The roaring twenties were undoubtedly responsible for some of history’s most significant changes in culture and mentality. The social instability and moral uncertainty were eminent through the era’s experimentation — men donned bright colours and jovial patterns instead of their usual sombre attire, and women began to defy their traditional image and embraced the stylistic and moral freedom that was the Flapper.

These days, with movies such as Midnight in Paris and the much-anticipated Great Gatsby film adaptation, as well as the hit show, Boardwalk Empire, Jazz Age style is becoming increasingly more popular.

To capture the essence of 1920s style, think one word: freedom, both moral and physical. Loose dresses that allow dancing worthy of a Gatsby-esque party, daring hemlines (don’t worry about just above the ankle, you can settle for a mini), and opulent decoration: embellishments, embroidery, beading, crystal, fringe, lace, costume jewelry — more is more here, folks.
If you think you’ve overdone it, you’re doing it right.

To help you out, let’s look at some eye candy:






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