Back To Black (Leggings)

With current style, simplicity is key – plain black leggings are the current trend.

As the weather finally decides to show some sympathy by cooling down, a majority of us realize that booty shorts are not the best idea to endure the Canadian climate – yes, it can be cold when it’s still summer.

Black leggings, rather than jeans or sweats, can replace the shorts without eliminating the sense of style they bring. Let’s look at this mathematically:
EquationBasically, these simple aspects of a teen girl’s wardrobe are extremely comfortable, and people have a tendency to look fabulous in them, so whether you spend $40 to get the fancy shmancy TNA tights, or you go to Walmart and get them for $5, they are simple, they are stylish, and they can go with pretty much everything.

Sweet and simple.


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