Athletic Wear vs. Day Wear – Working It Out

For whatever reason you’ve decided to start (or restart) going to the gym, one of the best and most exciting aspects is not lifting ridiculous amounts of weight or running till you can barely breathe, but obviously it’s the new gear you get to wear!

With athletic wear becoming more popular in everyday street wear who wouldn’t want to enhance their wardrobe?

There are things you do need to consider though:

1. Athletic-INSPIRED are NOT designed for the friction and sweat that happens when you actually go work out, so please don’t go to the gym in them. The materials used in genuine athletic wear have been designed to ensure the stress working out puts on the garment.

2. Leggings – not all the same my friend.
There is nothing worse then squatting and realizing your leggings are very much see through. Throwing these on with a pair of cute ankle boots, though, and a slouchy hoodie, why not?
Or how about that tennis jacket over top a pair of cool jeans and a bright top?

The gym is a great place to go, work out and feel great about yourself, and gym-wear is super comfortable, play with different looks and see what feels like you.

There are some great styles that look like they belong in a gym but don’t; it’s walking that line between what’s athletic wear and what’s day wear.


— Article by Rebecca Rowe

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