The Parisian woman is often regarded as the most fashionable woman on the planet. Why? Because everything she does—from her tousled hair right down to her Chanel ballet flats—just screams “effortless.”
By never overdoing it, the Parisian is always ahead of the trend, always classic, always elegant and always just a little bit sexy.

Then again, that’s not that hard to accomplish when you’ve got the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to your life!

To capture this effortlessness, there are two general rules to follow:

  1. Buy what you wear, and what fits. That’s it.
  2. Try to stick to a neutral colour palette – blacks, browns, creams, whites and greys work best.

To help you get started, let’s look at some great fashion icons:


Ines de la Fressange

I. Love. This. Woman. Demure, classic and fun, this woman knows how to lay on style without getting caught up in the frills. She even wrote this book that serves as a bible for all aspiring Francophiles.

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Brigitte Bardot

Besides being 2158315381531538 times cuter than you, and everyone you know, Brigitte Bardot also has impeccable style that practically shoves “CLASSIC” and “FRENCH” right down your jealous throat.
Girlier and, by some standards, sexier than Fressange, she is a goddess for aspiring Parisian sex kittens everywhere.

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All in all, the Parisian woman has a “joie de vivre” about her—with her devil-may-care attitude, classic approach to dressing and infinite amount of bad@ss, she does what works for her.  And so should you.


Wednesday, we talk about London!


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