The New Yorker is a phenomenon.
Besides being able to hail a taxi, move through tourist-filled crowds and eat a hotdog all at once, she manages to look good doing it.

Accessible, fierce and glam, she can mix high and low and still look good enough to be invited to the MET gala.

Some New Yorker style queens are:

Carrie Bradshaw

I don’t care that she’s a fictional character; she embodies fierce like no one else. She’s also irresistibly eclectic and has the uncanny knack of making everything look great. I aspire to be like her.



Andy Warhol

Sure, he’s an artist…and a man, but you can learn from his unabashed use of colour and mysterious allure. He’s just as much of a legend as the people he painted!

His style is recognizable and a dress made out of one of his prints would look fantastic!

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A New Yorker is loud, proud, and likes to do whatever they please.
Try and incorporate some of these styles into your looks and, despite the tourist sites all around you, watch yourself become the centre of attention!

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