While the Parisienne has her own personal look, the Londoner is very hard to fit into a single mold, but that’s just how she likes it!
Classic with a little bit of mix-n-match is how she likes to play.

It is in London, and only in London, that we can find both the demure, classic woman and her rough n’ tough, rock n’ roller counterpart.

There are no rules here: let the juxtaposition of Big Ben and the London Eye be enough to spark your creativity. For a little inspiration, let’s look at some icons:


Probably more memorable for her mod look in the 60’s, Twiggy was the face of the London fashion, and is still an icon today. And come on, who wouldn’t want eyes like hers?

Cute, fun, functional. Everything style should be.
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Alexa Chung

From TV host to fashion superstar, Alexa Chung is a style chameleon—constantly evolving and constantly chic.

See the Alexa Chung. See how she dresses.
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Friday, we look at NYC style

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