Among my guilty pleasures, Latin-American culture is pretty close to the top. Why? Like it or not, Latin-American culture is inexplicably alluring—the music makes you wish you could salsa, the food is delicious, and, despite issues like poverty that strike their nations, they still manage to seem like they’re always having fun. Oh, and they also gave us Shakira.

So, how do you bring this fun-loving culture to your own personal style? The answer is easy: movement.
I’m talking about MOVEMENT.  And lots of it. Because, even if you really can’t cha-cha, wearing ruffles will make it seem like you do.

Other ways to add movement would be flowing garments. Loose tops and skirts that billow in the wind are not only comfortable, but stylish too. Besides, you never know when Pitbull will come on the radio and you need to bust a move!

Finally, be fearless. Latino girls aren’t shy, nor are they afraid to show a little skin, and neither should you, so long as it’s tasteful!

Here’s some Latino eye candy (not that kind ;)) to get you shimmying your way into the next fiesta, featuring Shakira:

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Watch a video of Shakira showing off her movement and style!

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