AROUND THE WORLD IN SEVEN DAYS – A look at fashion from notable cities

The way people dress has long been representative of far more than individual taste—it’s been an indicator of one’s social status, creativity, and culture, among other things.

For the people that wore them, styles from other countries were seen as signs of being well-travelled and wealthy, as only the upper classes could afford such a luxury as travelling to a distant place.
In today’s world, where almost everyone has access to the Internet, the happenings, issues, and of course trends from the other side of the globe are available instantaneously to anyone with a screen in front of them. Such being the case, one no longer has to go to Paris or London or Tokyo to experience the style of the people who dwell there, but simply do an online search to find out whether the Champs Elysées are filled with pumps or flats.

On this journey, we’ll be drawing inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world: London, Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Aside from spotting their trends, we’ll take a look at the total package, and see what makes a Parisian a Parisian, a New Yorker a New Yorker, a Londoner a Londoner. By doing so, we’ll be able to capture the essence of each and every one of these special places, and be able to add a little into our own everyday looks!

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Eiffel tower

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