A Chorus Queen – A Drag Show Like No Other!

Kicking off WorldPride 2014 in Toronto with the right bang, ‘A Chorus Queen‘ makes you appreciate the importance and true aesthetic of pride for different types of people all over the world.

It is a platform for people of all sexual orientations and differences to come together and CELEBRATE who they are, wherever in the world they may be.

Thursday night’s opening show had a diverse crowd of different ages, genders and sexual orientations, which holds true to the purpose of Pride.
It is also a fundraiser for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.

Taking you through a journey of show biz, love, friendship, frenemies and soul searching, one thing’s for sure – these queens are not shy to express themselves!

With thorough backgrounds in drag and musical theatre, their passion shines as bright as the sequins on their gowns! You can tell these girls love doing what they do, and the audience loves watching what they do best.

You will laugh. You will cry (most likely from laughter). You will laugh some more. And you will laugh even more.

Whether or not you’re in town for Pride, you must make the time to see this show – I promise you won’t regret it!

A Chorus Queen is produced & directed by Marc Simcox and features a host of gorgeous gals.
The show runs from June 18 – June 28 @ Hart House Theatre at U of T.
Visit their site at aChorusQueen.com and follow them on twitter @achorusqueen

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