Back In Time : Fashion of the 1940’s

After the Great Depression, the 1940s are a slight improvement from the impoverished 1930s.
Once again, style is emerging, and quickly, however, unlike in the 1920s, where fashion was a tool for the laid-back, extravagant woman, 1940s style was all about going to work—and looking pretty darn good while doing it.

Channel you inner Katherine Hepburn by replicating Dior’s “New Look:” jackets with shoulder pads (note: not 80s-esque shoulder pads!), platform shoes, jackets with peplum, curled hair and an adorable little hat! Remember, the look you’re going for here is menswear as womenswear — in the sexiest, most feminine way possible.

Here’s some eye candy to get you started:



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