1 Minute Easy Glitter Polish Removal!

Glitter polish is both the best and worst kind of polish to wear because it is just AWFUL to remove! I dread the many cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover and what feels like HOURS of scrubbing to get that glittery goodness off my nails! You can always soak your nails in acetone with aluminum foil wrapped around them for 10 minutes, but who has time for that? Today I will share with you a glitter removal method that will literally take 1 minute for all 10 nails!

Elmer’s Glue
Small paint brush
Your favourite glitter polish!

 The secret is to use Elmer’s Glue as your BASE COAT. Paint on anywhere from 1-2 coats of Elmer’s Glue with your paint brush on bare nails. Wait until the glue is dry before applying your glitter polish. You will know when they are dry when your nails have a whitish-matte finish to them. Paint your nails as usual and seal in with your favourite top

Watch how it’s done right here:

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